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Phones To Watch Out For In 2012

Every year, new phones are eagerly anticipated. With technology in mobile phones advancing incredibly quickly, the new Samsung Galaxy being an example of this, many people don't know how they ever did without their phones. But what are some of the phones th...

The Latest Phone Cases News

With smartphones flooding the market, accessories and applications have also become popular among mobile phone users. Among the accessories that a smartphone user should invest in is a cover or a case. A phone case protects your mobile device from scratches...

Everything you need to know about Qi Wireless Charging Technology

Are you done with leaving your phone plugged in for the whole night, and in the morning, you come to know that the charger was not powered on? Well, this is the time to say goodbye to the wired chargers for phones and some other gadgets. It is because now Q...

The Apple Ipad's Coolest Features

Rumors are rife that the next Ipad will be released soon. Before we look at the Apple Ipad 3 review 2012, let us review the previous models first. This way, you will really be able to see not just how the technology offered by the Ipad has developed over time,...

Best Wireless Charging Phones To Buy in 2021

When you purchase a mobile phone that comes along with wireless charging, you can receive some added benefits. You will come across the need to recharge your mobile every single day. Imagine the convenience that wireless charging can bring on your way when ...

The Upcoming New Movies Romance (2012)

Even the most jaded cynics cannot deny that a good romantic film makes their hearts beat faster. Admittedly, there are some romantic films that are best forgotten and there are those that are just so good that they demand a re-release years after they were ...

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