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Do you have a problem with your Laptop Keyboard? Are some of the keys or all the laptop keys not working? Are your Laptop keyboard buttons stuck? Does your Laptop Keyboard press multiple characters with a single click? We offer a quick laptop keyboard replacement service. Our trained computer repair engineers can replace your laptop keyboard with a new one very quickly and get you back up and running again. Some of the main reasons that laptop keyboards stop working are water spillage of the keyboard, bad keyboard drivers (software that controls the keyboard) and just a bad, faulty or worn-out keyboard. Our laptop repair service near you are experts at replacing damaged laptop keyboard and can help you repair or replace damaged DELL Laptop keyboards, replace damaged HP keyboard, replace damaged SAMSUNG keyboard, replace damaged TOSHIBA keyboard, replace damaged ACER keyboard, replace damaged LENOVO keyboard, replace damaged SONY keyboard and many other laptop brands.

We come to your location to pick up your device and take it to our computer repair workshop where we fully diagnose the problem with your laptop keyboard and then call you to advise you on our diagnoses and the possible keyboard repair or keyboard replacement options. In most cases, we can fix the problem with your laptop keyboard on the same day. We provide our expert laptop keyboard replacement services in Kingson Upon Thames, Surbiton, Tolworth, Richmond, Ham, Esher, Thames Ditton, Wimbledon, Putney, Chelsea and their surrounding areas.
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Common Laptop Keyboard Problems

  • All Laptop keys not working
  • Some Laptop Keyboard keys not working
  • The laptop keyboard button is stuck
  • Single Keyboard's keypress types multiple characters
  • Wrong Laptop keyboard Settings (Region / Language)
  • Laptop keyboard keys in the wrong position
  • The laptop keyboard key press responds slowly
  • Wrong letter or number appears when the laptop keyboard key is pressed

We aim to provide you with a quick and friendly laptop keyboard replacement service and will use only new and original parts if required for your laptop. We will also ensure that there are no hidden fees and you are updated every step of the way. If you would like us to explain our service further, you can call us or send us a message. All our laptop replacement keyboard engineers are professional, very experienced and always happy to help.
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Laptop Keyboard Replacement - Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Why is my laptop keyboard not typing?

If your laptop keyboard is not typing when you click on the keys, it could be caused by either a laptop keyboard Hardware problem or a software problem. You can fix or narrow down the problem by applying some of these techniques:

All keys not working
- Try restarting your laptop
- Run the windows keyboard Troubleshooter
- Update or Reinstall the laptop Keyboard Driver
If none of the keys works after carrying out these steps, it is a sign that it could be a laptop keyboard hardware problem and your keyboard is damaged.

Only some keys not working
- Check if the keys that are not working are region or country-specific keys
- Clean the Keyboard, there could be sand particles or dust under keys preventing them from fully pressing down
- Run the keyboard Troubleshooter
In most cases when only a few keys do not work, it is caused by a liquid spill on the laptop which damages certain sectors of the keyboard circuit and a new replacement keyboard will be required. You can replace your keyboard with a new one by contacting Us.

How can I refix a Single laptop keyboard Key that fell out?

To refix a single new key that falls out, push the key downwards on to the levers/spring and slide it forward in such a way that the key engages the little hooks on the levers/springs under it.

I spilt liquid on my keyboard and the keys are no longer working!

Liquid damages the keyboard circuits and if you spilt liquid on the laptop keyboard and a few or all the keys stop working, then the keyboard is damaged and you will need a new keyboard.

I spilt liquid on my keyboard and my laptop no longer turns on!

If your laptop does not come on at all after you spilt liquid on the keyboard, then this could be a sign of more serious damage to your laptop. The laptops motherboard is right under the keyboard and liquid slipped on the keyboard could sip under the keyboards to the motherboard and could damage it. Please contact us and we can diagnose the problem for you and advise you on how best to repair your laptop.

Can Computer Viruses Affect my laptop Keyboard?

Most Computer viruses do affect or damage laptop keyboards, however in theory they can prevent you from typing or take control of your computer and type on your behalf without you touching the keyboard. This type of virus is rare since it offers little or no advantage for the virus to interfere with your keyboard functions visibly. Most laptop viruses like Trojans are designed to make a monetary profit for the creator by stealing data. These viruses are designed to go unnoticed until the goal of the virus is accomplished. In contrast, a virus affecting a keyboard gives the user a clear sign that something is wrong, allowing them to take steps to solve the problem.

Can you replace my whole Laptop's Keyboard with a new one?

Yes! We can replace your laptop's keyboard with a new laptop keyboard if it is having any issue. You just need to contact us and we will replace your laptop keyboard with a new one.

Can you replace only a few keys on my keyboard?

Unfortunately, we only replace damaged laptop keyboard with new ones, we do not replace individual keyboard keys. However, if the problem with your keyboard is software related, then you will not need a new keyboard and we can fix the problem with the keys by correcting the software.

My Laptop Keyboard Responds Slowly?

If your keyboard is working, but there’s lag or a delay between you pressing the keys and your inputs appearing on the screen, then it probably a laptop Software problem.
One reason for a slow reaction to your keyboard presses could be that the accessibility feature “Filter Keys” is turned on. This causes the keyboard to ignore brief keystrokes to make typing easier for users with hand tremors. An invaluable feature for some but not to most. You can go on your windows keyboard settings to turn it off if you do not require this feature.
Other reasons could be a slow operating system which could be caused by not enough laptop memory, running of large software on your laptop or a computer virus.

My Laptop Keyboard is old and worn out, what can I do?

You can always replace your laptop's keyboard with a new keyboard if it is worn out and you want to give your Laptop a New Look. Contact Us and we can help you replace your laptop keyboard with a new one quickly.

Will a replacement Laptop keyboard affect my laptop Performace?

No, laptop Keyboard replacement is safe and will not affect the performance of your computers. It could increase your typing speed and input data more efficiently.

Should I replace a single laptop key or replace the whole keyboard, which one is better?

It is usually a better idea to buy a new keyboard. It is indeed possible to replace a single key, but replacing a single key is only recommended when the button still works but is only missing the top letter part. If the button does not work, then replacing just the key in most cases will not fix the problem as the problem will be on the keyboard circuit board. Also, if the little hooks or levers/springs underneath the key are broken or damaged it will be impossible to install a new key.

What laptop keyboards brands and models do you replace?

We offer replacement laptop keyboard for Dell, replacement laptop keyboard for HP, replacement laptop keyboard for Samsung, replacement laptop keyboard for Sony, replacement laptop keyboard for Lenovo, replacement laptop keyboard for Toshiba, and more as well as for all models within these brands of laptops.

Does it cost the same to replace all laptops keyboards?

No, all laptop keyboard replacements do not cost the same. The keyboard prices vary according to the model and brand of the laptop.

What if I keyboard I replace does not work properly?

We provide 3 months warranty for all our laptop keyboard replacements. Our commitment to you is to provide you with a working replacement or your money back guaranteed if the keyboard stops working within the warranty period! If the new keyboard does not work at all, you will get your money back.

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