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Computer Repairs

Have you got a computer virus causing your laptop or computer to run slowly? Is your computer freezing and turning itself off? At UR Computers And Mobiles our computer and laptop repair team are experienced at repairing computers and laptops. We ensure that it is all about working out how best to tackle your problem. We help with the cleaning of your computer and laptop registries, making the computer processes run smoothly while achieving the most cost-effective means to get your device working again.

We can come to your house to fix your computer or laptop, or we can take your device away, fix it and then return it on the same day in most cases. We provide expert computer and laptop repair services and support in Kingson Upon Thames, Surbiton, Tolworth, Richmond, Ham, Esher, Thames Ditton, Wimbledon, Putney, Chelsea and thier surrounding areas.
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Common Repairs

  • Virus and Spyware Removal
  • Computer & Laptop Overheating
  • Computer & Laptop Data Transfer
  • New Computer & Laptop Setup
  • Computer & Laptop Memory Upgrade

In almost all cases of laptop repairs, we can diagnose and fix your laptop issue on the spot. We also provide quality parts if required for our repair solutions. We ensure that there are no hidden fees. Home visits cost about £45, which will be incorporated into the final bill and deducted. You can give us a call or send us a message, and we will explain everything. All our engineers are professional and highly experienced. Whether it is for a computer or laptop repair or installing upgrades, we are quick and professional and can solve the problem right at your home or office.
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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

My computer is overheating. What should I do?

There are two main reasons why your computer is overheating. In most instances, computer users face overheating issues due to malfunctioning cooling systems. In such a situation, you should bring your computer to a computer repair specialist and replace malfunctioning hardware. The second reason why you will get overheating issues on your computer is due to software applications that consume excessive resources. It can even be a virus on the computer. The software will keep your computer resources including the processor and hard drive run at their full capacity, which will lead you to overheat issues.

I am experiencing slowness when browsing the internet. How to proceed with fixing my laptop?

Slow internet connections can be frustrating. You will never like the experience that you get when you are disconnected when you chat with someone on Facebook or watch your favorite TV show on Netflix. There are numerous methods available for you to follow and fix the problem with slow internet connectivity on your computer as well.

You can begin by restarting your modem. Then you will be able to see whether it is a temporary problem with the modem or not. Along with that, you should also double-check and make sure that the problem is not with your modem or your ISP. By connecting any other device to the modem, you will be able to clarify this doubt. Next, you should fix the Wi-Fi signals. If the Wi-Fi reception is weak, you will have to experience slowness in browsing the internet. This is where you should move closer to the Wi-Fi router. Or else, you can purchase a Wi-Fi router that offers a bigger range, or you will be able to get a Wi-Fi repeater.

Problems with your computer can also lead you to painfully slow internet speeds. To deal with such situations, you should kill all the unwanted background software running on the computer. There can be background running software upgrades, which can create a negative impact on the performance of the computer and make it slow down. You will be able to take a look at the task manager and proceed with killing these. If the problem still persists, you have done everything that you can possibly do, and you will need to get that inspected by an expert. By bringing the computer to a computer repair specialist, you will be able to get the problem fixed.

My USB ports are not working. What could be the problem?

If your USB ports aren't working, the very first thing you should do is to restart your computer. In most instances, it can be a temporary problem and you will be able to end up finding an appropriate solution. If the problem doesn't resolve after restarting the computer, it can be an issue with drivers. People who know how to update drivers through Device Manager can do it on their own. Or else, you can bring your computer to a laptop repair specialist. If the problem is not yet sorted, it can be a hardware issue. A computer repair specialist can help you with finding a solution.

Why does my laptop keep on disconnecting from Wi-Fi?

You should initially check and see whether the problem is with your Wi-Fi router. This happens mainly due to problems with the Wi-Fi router. You can connect any other laptop or even your mobile to the same Wi-Fi router and see what the problem is. If the Wi-Fi router is working fine, you can turn on the laptop.

When the network card of your laptop is not receiving full power, you will have to face continuous disconnections from the Wi-Fi network. You can change a setting and resolve this. That's because there is an option called a built-in power saver, which will reduce the power sent to the network card. If that option is turned on, you will be able to disable it. By visiting Power Options, you can tweak the change.

If the problem persists, the issue can be with the network card. There's a small hardware component, which is responsible for Wi-Fi reception. You can bring your computer to a laptop repair specialist and get that hardware component replaced. It will not be an expensive fix. After you replace that component, you can keep on using your Wi-Fi networks without a problem.

I hear beeps from my PC. What's the problem with it?

The motherboard of your computer is smart enough to identify some of the problems. This is where you will have to hear beeps from the computer. Rhythmic beeps in the computer will be helpful when you are trying to understand what exactly the problem is.

If your computer is not booting up and you hear beeps, you need to understand that the problem is with faulty RAM. This happens when RAM is not functioning properly or when it is out of place. If you have the tools and if you have the expertise, you can take out RAM and clean the slot with the assistance of a cotton bud. Now you can place RAM back in place and make sure that it is in position. After that, you will be able to boot the computer as usual.

You might also have to hear beeps when you recently added hardware. In such situations, you need to understand that you have not installed hardware properly. Hence, you will need to get them installed correctly. If you don't have a clear idea of how to do this, you can bring the computer to an expert and repair the computer problem.

What should I do when the fans of my computer are not working properly?

If you have a laptop, there's only one fan. If that fan stops working, your laptop will overheat, and you will have to experience random shutdowns. Even if you have multiple fans on a desktop computer, it might not be able to keep the temperature levels normal when a fan is not working. Computer fans usually stop working when there is a buildup of dust in it. Hence, you will need to use a compressed air can and remove dust. This will help you to overcome the problem on your own.

However, dirt is not the only problem that can keep your laptop fan stop working. In such instances, you can get the help of software such as Speed Fan. This software will help you to take control of overt the fans and get them to work. If the problem still persists, you will need to bring that to a computer repair specialist. That's because the problem is with the fan itself. By replacing the fan with a compatible model, you will be able to get that back into working condition.

My computer fan is overworking. Should I be worried about it?

Yes, the fan of your computer is designed to work normally. However, you might sometimes have to notice that your fan is overworking. In such a situation, you will need to understand what is making your fan overwork. It can be due to incompatible or crashed software installed on the computer. Or else, the problem can also be due to a virus. You can get the help of an expert to proceed with computer virus removal and you can restore the proper functionality of the fan.

There are some apps, which can help you to take control of the speed of the fan as well. Speed Fan is a perfect example of such an app. If the problem is not occurring due to any software, you can use such an app and take control over the speed of your fan.

My computer/laptop is not turning on. How can I fix it?

This is one of the most common laptop repair issues that people get. After encountering such a problem, you will wonder what it is all about. That's because you cannot even see a single light on the computer. There is no need to worry too much about the problem because it usually happens due to a faulty power source.

If you are using a desktop, you should take a look at the power outlet, extension cord, and other connections to make sure that all of them are working fine. If the problem is with the computer power cable, you can replace it.

People who use laptops should remove the battery and place it back before turning on the computer. If you don't get positive results, you can remove the battery again and then try to power it with the charger. If you can see that your computer is working, the problem is with your battery. You can replace the battery and fix the issue.

If the problem still persists, the issue can be with the power supply. Hence, you should bring the computer to a computer repair specialist and try to address the computer problem. A specialist will use his knowledge and help you with finding the solution you want.

Why is my PC too noisy?

When you are hearing too much noise out of your PC, you should understand that it is high time to clean it. You will be able to use a leaf blower or an air blower to get the cleaning job done. Even if you have an overclocked CPU or GPU, you will have to deal with high noise. It can be normal and there is no need to worry too much.

If there a disc inside the CD/DVD ROM, it can be the culprit for the high noise that you are hearing out of the computer as well. You can remove it and fix the problem. People who fail to resolve the issue through any of these methods will be able to get the computer to a repair specialist, who will diagnose the exact computer problem and fix it.

I experience the "blue screen of death". How to proceed with fixing my laptop?

The blue screen of death is another common problem that you will get on the computer. It can happen due to hardware problems as well as software problems. In most instances, it will be a hardware problem. If your RAM is not functioning properly, you will have to experience the BSOD. You can get the assistance of a computer problem repair specialist and fix it.

Corrupted drivers can also be a problem behind the blue screen of death. You will be able to visit the Device Manager and figure out what that corrupted driver is. Upon locating the corrupted driver, you can proceed with fixing it. If you fail to fix the problem by addressing the driver solution, you can see whether you have a faulty hard disk. Overheating PCs can also run into the blue screen of death. Hence, it is a good idea to bring the computer to a repair specialist and figure out a solution.

I don't see anything on my monitor. Who can help me with fixing my computer?

There can be multiple reasons why you don't see anything on your monitor. It can be a faulty graphics card, a cable problem, or a problem with the monitor itself. You can change the cable of the monitor and see whether it is the problem. In most instances, the problem can be with your cable. If not, you can connect to another monitor and see. Then the problem is with your monitor. When both these options are not working, the problem is with your graphics card. You should get the help of an expert for fixing the computer monitor issue.

What is a computer virus?

A computer virus is a malicious software program. These programs are designed to replicate and spread into other computers A virus would usually make your computer malfunction. On the other hand, it can leak your personal information to a third party as well. Or else, a virus can lead you towards loss of data.

To keep yourself protected from viruses, it is important to use the best antivirus software installed on the computer and keep that up to date. However, we often see how people fail to do this. In such a situation, you will become a victim of a computer virus. You can contact our experts for computer virus removal. Our team will remove the virus and minimize the damage that you have to face.

How can I confirm that my computer is affected by a virus?

There are numerous signs, which you can use to determine whether your computer is affected by a virus or not. Here are some of the most prominent changes that you will have to experience in the computer after it is affected by a virus.
- The speed of your computer will slow down significantly. Along with that, the performance of the computer will drop as well.
- You will have to experience annoying pop-ups on the computer. They will try to get your personal information. Or else, the pop-ups will try to at least sell you something.
- You will not be able to open some of the software applications.
- You will notice how spam emails are being sent to your contacts out of your accounts.
- Your inbox will be flooded with spam emails.
- You will notice unknown programs appearing on the computer desktop.

When you see one or more of these issues, you should proceed with fixing the computer. The computer virus removal services can help you with that. You will be able to restore the proper functionality of your computer by removing all the viruses.

What should I do when my computer crashes?

Numerous reasons can lead your computer to freeze or crash. This happens mainly when you try to load applications that are not compatible with the performance of your computer. In such situations, there aren't too many things that you can do. But if you are experiencing sudden crashes in your computer, the problem can be with something else. It can usually be a virus, which has slowed down the system. By contacting a computer virus removal expert, you will be able to remove the virus and restore the functionality of your computer. Even if the problem is not with your computer, doing a temporary file cleanup or formatting will be able to help you.

My hard disk fails to work. How to proceed with fixing my computer?

Similar to most computer issues, the very first thing you will need to do is to restart the computer. It can be a temporary glitch in the system. By restarting the computer, you will be able to fix it. If restarting the computer didn't fix the problem, you need to understand that you are dealing with a problem with the hard disk. It can be severely damaged as well. By contacting a laptop repair expert, you will be able to replace the hard drive. In the meantime, you can also get assistance with recovering important data available on the hard drive as well.

I have a problem with updating Windows. What should I do?

Problems in Windows updates can be common as well. This can happen due to license issues, missing core files, and Windows piracy-related issues. This is not a serious problem, but it can be frustrating. A computer repair specialist can help you. Or else, you can follow the troubleshooting guides that are available on the internet. You can Google the exact specific error that you see on your screen and you will be able to find a helpful guide that can provide a solution. By following the steps, you can troubleshoot the issue on your own. However, you might not have the technical expertise to follow those steps and get the job done. In such situations, you can get the help of a specialist for fixing the laptop or computer. You just need to take the laptop for repair, and you will be able to get a quick solution to overcome the problem.

My printer is not printing anything. Is there something I can do about it?

Multiple reasons can lead you to malfunctioning printers as well. No matter what, the very first thing you should do is to restart the printer. You can usually get the printer to work by simply restarting it. This will help you to cancel all the pending work as well. Then you will need to take a look at the printer related issues on your computer. For example, you should double-check and see whether all the drivers are in order or not. If there is a problem with the drivers, you will need to get that fixed. If you are not getting success with any of the methods you follow to fix the computer on your own, you can contact a specialist and get the printer repairing job done.

My computer is automatically restarting. Why does it happen?

An automatically restarting computer can be painful as well. Imagine what would happen when your computer randomly restarts when you are in the middle of some important work. This would happen without giving a prior warning to you as well.

You can try to delete the bad registry files on the computer registry. When there are corrupted registry files, you will have to experience random restarts on the computer. You will then be able to focus on updating all the drivers. If your computer is stuck on a boot loop, you can booth the computer in safe mode and try to update the drivers.

Another thing that you can do with laptop repair is to check for hardware issues. It can be an issue with your CPU, RAM, or any other external device. If these are too technical for you and if you are looking for a more convenient solution to fix the issue, you can think about getting the assistance of a computer repair specialist.

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