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The Top 10 New Hollywood Blockbuster Movies Coming in 2021

Like a disaster waiting silently to happen to us all, the year 2020 came as one of a kind for all the negative reasons. Still, there are glimpse of positives. Maybe a stunning reality for all that truly, there are two sides to every coin. Despite the global...

The Upcoming New Movies Romance (2012)

Even the most jaded cynics cannot deny that a good romantic film makes their hearts beat faster. Admittedly, there are some romantic films that are best forgotten and there are those that are just so good that they demand a re-release years after they were ...

New Upcoming Movies Comedy (2012)

Nothing beats a comedy right? We all want to sit down and just have a really good giggle or laugh, which is what comedy does for us. So what are the upcoming new movies comedy (2012)? One of the upcoming comedy movies is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Everything...

List Of Top 10 Selling Movies For 2012

As you may have noticed, 2012 is barely halfway through and yet there are already movies that are earning wads of cash in the box office. Now, there have been plenty of movies released in the first 3 months of 2012 and face it, some were just indeed better ...

The Upcoming New Movies Comedy (2012)

We would all like to see a little bit into the future and know what will be coming our way. That is possible to some extent, as we know what sort of comedy movies will be released in 2012. Best get ready with cinema tickets in hands, because 2012 is sure to...

The Upcoming New Movies (2012)

2012 is shaping up to be yet another year of blockbuster movies based on comic books. As one goes through the 2012 Movie Releases, one will see movie franchises in different states: one coming to a close (The Dark Knight Rises), one reboot (The Amazing Spider-...

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