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Listing The Top 10 Selling Songs In 2012

Last updated: June 14, 2012

Many artists have broken through the mainstream in 2011, sharing their own brand of music with the public. However, the big names in the music industry have never failed to come up with their own albums to keep their fans entertained, with some making it to the top of various charts and countdowns all over the world. With the first quarter of 2012 nearly over, top selling songs have received numerous praises and airtime, the artists gaining more fans every single day. There are now numerous sites that you can go to if you want to see a list of the top 10 songs for the year. These sites can provide you with information as to the top songs of all time or top songs according to genre.

Some of the top songs released this year were focused on ballads and hip-hop, although songs from the rock and alternative genres have also become popular. Depending on the type of music you prefer, you probably have your own list of the best songs that have been released so far. But how exactly does the music industry determine whether or not a song should be considered as one of the top songs? Music critics pay attention to a lot of factors when evaluating a song, and among these factors, a certain set of criteria is formulated. One factor that helps in determining a top song is the number of weeks a song stays on the Billboard Charts. The Billboard Charts list songs from every genre and ranks them according to their sales numbers and other factors. The longer a song stays in these lists the higher the ranking it gets, increasing its chance of making it to the list of most popular songs for the year or for a certain period. Another that can be considered is airtime given to the song. This includes airtime in radio and TV as well as video playbacks in various internet sites. More airtime means that listeners and viewers like the song, therefore qualifying it as one of the best songs.

Lastly, listeners and viewers are also a factor in determining a song's position in the charts. A song's popularity is measured by the number of fans it gathers, which is why you see some countdowns encouraging viewers and listeners to cast their votes for the song they think should included in the countdown and which song should be number one. Countdown lists vary each day or each week, depending on the frequency that a show or radio program dictates. These song lists can help you come up with your own list of favorite songs of all time so you know which ones are worth buying.

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