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Everything you need to know about Qi Wireless Charging Technology

Last updated: January 05, 2021

Are you done with leaving your phone plugged in for the whole night, and in the morning, you come to know that the charger was not powered on? Well, this is the time to say goodbye to the wired chargers for phones and some other gadgets. It is because now Qi wireless charging technology is mature, and most gadgets and devices use it. So, here we will discuss all the Qi wireless charging technology.

What is the Qi Wireless Charging Technology, and how does it work?

From the start of the mobile phone era, we have seen that the phone batteries were either charged with a wired charger or by taking them out. But now the tables have turned because now charging the phones without plugging a charger in them is possible. It is possible because of the Qi wireless charging technology.

  • It is a technology that works with the help of induction coins. There are two coils in this system. One is present at the back of the phone.
  • It is hidden under the back of the phone, so we cannot see this. The other coil is present in the wireless charging pad.
  • When the charger is connected to the wireless charger, the current starts passing through the coil, creating a field.

When the phone is placed on top of that coil, these fields start to move. They move from the coil present inside the phone, and this generates current inside the phone. This movement of fields makes the phones charge wirelessly. With the advancements in technology, smaller devices like smartwatches and wireless earphones are also able to use this Qi wireless charging technology.

Some features and benefits of Qi Wireless Charging Technology:

The Qi wireless charging technology comes with a lot of features and benefits. Some of the features and benefits of the Qi wireless charging technology are discussed here.

1). There is a smaller number of wires lying around.

The most beautiful thing about the Qi wireless charging technology is that you do not have to work with many wires.

  • It is the technology that can be there without anyone knowing that it is there.
  • If you get a table or any surface with a built-in wireless charger, you can get this hidden wireless charging.

Other than this, you also do not have to deal with plugging the wires inside the phone whenever you need to plug in the phone as you can have a wire managed with clips, and you will only need to place your phone on the wireless charging pad.

2). You do not have to buy separate chargers for different charging standards.

A few years back now, we had to get different chargers for different devices. It is because other companies used to have different chargers, and some even used proprietary connectors. It is not the case with Qi wireless charging technology because it can charge every phone and gadget with the same wireless charger's help.

3). Very little wear and tear for the whole system.

When you do not need to plug in the wire whenever you need to charge the phone, it will mean that the whole system's physical wear and tear will be significantly decreased.

4).No water damage related issues.

One major issue with the wired connectors is the moisture. But this is not a problem with the Qi wireless charging technology because you can charge the phone while the wireless charger is a little wet. However, a lot of water is not good.

5). Better for the environment.

When you get a wireless charger, you will be helping the environment in many ways. It is because the overall need to have and to replace the wires and chargers will significantly decrease. So, there will be less plastic waste going into the environment.

6). Less cost for the average users.

With the less need to have a separate charger for every other device, you can save a lot by only having one charger.

7). Faster charging support is available now.

With all the advancements in Qi wireless charging technology, now most devices and charging pads support faster wireless charging.


Because Qi wireless charging comes with many features, we can say that this could be the future of mobile phone charging. Here we discussed how it works and some features and benefits of the Qi wireless charging technology. We also mentioned some phone models that have built-in wireless charging support.

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