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Trendy Apple Iphone X and Iphone 11 Phone Cases and Protective Cover Designs

Last updated: January 05, 2021

Mobile phones have come to stay as part of our daily lives for several reasons. Aside from being used for several social activities, it has tremendously proven to be an essential part of our work lives too. Realistically, we can sparingly live minutes out of our lives away from our phones in this age. It is therefore important to accept mobile phones as not just communication devices but a lifestyle gadget for all. This exactly explain why there are concentrations on how to style mobile phones to suit our lifestyles and social needs, as well as why some accessories are created for protective purpose for our devices.


Phone casing/cover is one of the most used protective covers for mobile phones. However, styles cannot be exactly taken away from protection in this case. Thus, we have to explore some of the Trendy Apple iPhone X and iPhone 11 Phone Cases and Protective cover designs to guide your next choice.

If you are lucky enough to be among the 100 million iPhone users around the world, you will have a clue how delicate your device is especially given the price it was purchased. Protection against scratches and breakages are however not enough. You have to stay stylish and safe at the same time with your choice of mobile phone protection.

The sincerest truth is that with the tonnes of iPhone covers available online and in several markets, you can sometimes be confused on the one to trust quality and brand wise. We have decided to help you do the job by selecting the Trendiest Apple Iphone X and Iphone 11 Phone Cases and Protective cover designs for you. To make it easier for you, we have considered what iPhone mobile users care about when buying a new phone casing in our selection. It has been investigated that people love it discreet and light-weighted. Others prefer that robust protection, while some prioritize styles so as to stand out from the rest. Whichever way, you can be sure that you will have your choice in our top list of Trendy Apple Iphone X and Iphone 11 Phone Cases and Protective cover designs.


Apple Silicone Case with Magsafe

Although we have investigated that Apple makes a wide range of great protective cases from slim-line to stylish folio case and smart battery covers, many sources have touted this protective casing as the best official iPhone case. Judging from the perspective of production material, this protective cover is made from highest quality silicone. It is presented as a minimalist design which offers incredible soft-touch experience in a way that it can be fitted to any hand. What about the microfiber lining on the inside? It adds some more needed protection to the phone it houses.

The new generation of iPhone case comes mostly with built-in Magsafe. One important feature of this special styled case is that its magnet aligns perfectly with a host of iPhone’s model including iPhone 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. With this protective case on, you can charge your device wirelessly with Magsafe Wireless charger. Nonetheless, if you are willing to attach additional accessories for charging, it is allowed.

Ergonomically, the case comes in a range of colors that are incredibly styled and expertly designed. This case is made specially for iPhones, and this makes them absolutely unique like iPhone. The height of this is that it can be used as alternatives for iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, SE, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. It is one of the most super selection on this list of Trendy Apple Iphone X and Iphone 11 Phone Cases and Protective cover designs.



We all know how delicate smartphones can be. No matter how carefully you try to ensure that your smartphones are safe in your hands, sometimes you still find it hard to explain how they fall off. Of course we do know what harm could be caused to them when they fall from our hands and surfaces every now and then. You can be sure of extra protection for your mobile device in this situation when you make the choice of a super rugged iPhobe case like Otterbox.

Made from polycarbonate shell, synthetic rubber slipcover and polycarbonate holster, Otterbox is actually a super protective case that ranges from slim to thick with varying levels of protection especially based on their prices. This case is designed in many ways and styled with different colors. Although it is said to be expensive, it is worth every penny spent on it. More so, while it actually does not fully support Magsafe because of it is a more protective mode, it still allows for wireless charging. This means that ease has not been replaced with rigidity in this case.

Otterbox series have been technological designed with incredible features to offer its maximum protection. Some of these are its raised edges that protect the camera and screen, port covers to prevent dirt and dusts from clogging jacks and ports, updated slim cover design that offer same rugged protection and drop performance, and the possibility to pair with Otterbox screen protector for a round object protection. The case is most suitable for iPhone 12 Pro Max.

One exciting thing about Otterbox is that it makes really amazing defender series for ultimate protection. However this has not stopped it from producing slimmer cases that prioritize style a little bit above protection. One thing is exactly sure. No matter which Otterbox you choose, you can be sure of solid protection from its sturdy build quality and a lot of enticing designs it comes along with. A lot of people complain about the price of Otterbox but the truth is that it is worth the pay given its protection offers.


Ruggedness and safety work together when your phone can be protected from cracks and water. This is exactly the kind of protection offered to iPhone users by Lifeproof case. As it name implies, when you price Lifeproof, you are buying one of the branded most fully waterproof cases. Lifeproof has a wide range of protection a variety of iPhone models including iPhone 11. iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone X among others. Lifeproof also comes in a lot of features that can be filtered on its official website before making a purchase. You can have the scratch resistant, clear back, oil charge compatible, Bluetooth compatible, two piece design, screen protection, port protection, snow-proof, drop-proof, waterproof, dirt-proof and built-in screen protector among others. Similarly, Lifeproof case could come as amplify glass compatible, one-piece design and enhanced audio design. You can also have one made from recycled materials.

Like others, this case comes in series and colors. This gives you a wide range of options to pick from in order to suit your styles and protection needs. Overall anyway, you might have to sacrifice some of the styles you need for ruggedness and safety purpose. And of course, this is primary reasons why these protective cases are being manufactured. Maybe this is why Otterbox and Lifeproof have on many occasion been classified among one of the best rugged iPhone cases. For clarity, they have been included in this list as well not only as one of the Trendy Apple Iphone X and iPhone 11 Phone Cases and Protective cover designs, but as well as one of the most rugged and protective.



Made for comfort, built for protection, manufactured for safety and marketed as eco-friendly, the Pela phone case for iPhone is a compostable alternative to its traditional plastic counterparts. The phone cover is phthalate and BPA free. It also has precise cuts for charger, speakers, volume and, power buttons. The case can be called a sustainable product since it is easily biodegradable and compostable while still very protective with its simple design. It is wireless charging compatible too.

If you are an individual who frowns against the pilling up of plastic wastes around the world because you are aware of the dangerous aftermath it possess and you still want to style your iPhone rightly, this is entirely the phone case for you. It comes in a few colors with an entirely cute speckled appearance. This simple but stylish appearance is owed to the quality of materials used in its production.

While this phone cover is only 45 percent bio-based at the moment, it uses a special blend of biodegradable materials called flaxstics, and it hopes to reach 100 percent bio-based product one day. The cover will normal totally decompose after 3 years that it has been trashed regardless of the composting method. The good part is that the phone cover is still carefully designed to fit and protect your iPhone. Another exciting news about Pela is that it has a case for every iPhone series. You therefore do not have any excuse not have one if you are using an iPhone. If at all you think you do not need one, you should consider the fact that we need to preserve our world from global warming and climate change. One of the ways to do this is to entertain and subscribe to the use of bio-based products which Pale is one of them.

The market for Pale iPhone cover is actually very fast. As at the time of compiling this listicle, the Pale cover is particularly out of stock on Amazon for iPhone X. This is to tell you about the huge awareness that surrounds the product and how well it’s doing market wise. To reveal to the masses that Pela is here to save the world, up to 5 percent of its sales goes to Oceana or other charities that wants to help in the mission. The producing company is also part of the 1 percent for the planet who that donates a portion of annual revenues to clean ocean initiatives and clean water.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle

If you love your iPhone case lightweight, you have got the best in Supcase Union Beetle. In fact, it makes our list of Trendy Apple Iphone X and Iphone 11 Phone Cases and Protective cover designs because of its heroic as a lightweight iPhone case.

There are many mesmerizing features on this iPhone cover but one of the most significant is the raised lip over the iPhone’s camera helps to secure the lens and keep it scratch-free. The lips however comes in a range of sizes and colors.

This cover is available for iPhone 11, 12 and the earlier versions in a range of colors too. For iPhone 11 category, this case has built-in screen protector that is made to protect your screen from scratches without compromising touch sensitivity in any way. Similarly, it has a detachable swiveling belt clip holster that ensure convenient hands-free and pocket-free carrying. In conjunction with this, the case further possess a built-in kickstand.

The case allows for the use of wireless charger. Normally after case install, user is expected to place the device on wireless charger until charging initiates. This could take as much as 7 seconds. For this case, iPhone wireless charger is recommended. One thing that looks limiting at least is that the iPhone 11 release version of this case is compatible with only iPhone 11. From another perspective, we think its best that each iPhone model has its peculiar cover as have been demonstrated here by Supcase Unicorn Beetle.

Unicorn beetle pro is full-body rugged case for iPhone 11 as it is a time-tested protection every step of the way. We included it particularly on this list of Trendy Apple Iphone X and Iphone 11 Phone Cases and Protective cover designs because it won the annual CNET drop test awards for the thinnest, most rugged and strongest case in the industry. All these facts at least point at what your decision making should be like when in need of a very strong, rugged but thin protective case for your iPhone.

360° Phone Case for iPhone 11 Pro X XS

This list would arguably be considered incomplete if this smart beauty is not included. It is a full cover tempered glass magnetic apple that sells massively on ebay and other ecommerce platforms to the large number of iPhone users in the world. This build is intentionally distinct, clear, transparent and perfectly rotated protection supported with anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch, anti-shatter and shockproof features. For the mention of specifics, it has it compatible models of iPhone to cinlde iPhobe 11, iPhone X and iPhone XS.

The protective cover is simply a highlight of nice and slim, and great all-round protection. It is designed to protect both the front and back of your device from all sort of danages, scratches and dusts. It is basically made from aluminum steel which can of course withstand hard extremely hard impacts and made it a perfect protections for phones. With its transparent nature, you can protect and still enjoy every bits of your phone’s beautiful designs and color. It is overall fashionable and attractive, allows for comfortable grip with its lightweight, compact, stylish and elegant, and allows for easy charging of your mobile device. This is certainly where protection meets style and lightweight. There shouldn’t be any argument at all if this is considered the best on our list of of Trendy Apple Iphone X and Iphone 11 Phone Cases and Protective cover designs.


Fully called the iGlaze Slim Hardshell Case, the ten years global warranty sleek iPhone case provides your phone with military-grade drop protection which is metallized for added styles. It can be called a hybrid construction case that typifies the ultimate fusion of design, functionality and drop protection. It is shock absorbing and have a glossy finish that adds a high sense of elegance to your phone. It has a shatter-proof frame that is created with Moshi’s proprietary metal-vaporization procedure which makes it both smart and protective with high gloss border. The case supports your phone’s built-in wireless charging, and your screen is always protected with a raised bezel when laid flat. It is designed to make all ports accessible, and it has been certified to be 100 percent non-toxic and free from BPA and phthalates.

Realistically, this phone cover might look like a regular and average phone case to you but it is not. If purchased with the Snapto, the Moshi case can be mounted on most flat surfaces thereby giving you ease of use of your device. It can be used easily in your car as you can attach on the dashboard using magnetic technology. Not just this, the phone case is lightweight and offers easy handling while still offering the maximum protection possible for your device.

We have selected this iPhone case as one of the Trendy Apple Iphone X and Iphone 11 Phone Cases and Protective cover designs because it classifies as the best phone case for car mounting. You can purchase this case on Amazon, and it is available for iPhone 7, 8, X, Xs, Xs Max and Xr.

Kate Spade Pin Dot Case

When you are looking for a renowned premium brand of iPhone case with sleek design, Kate Spade is one of the best to consider. Both slim and stylish, it has protective hard shell and a lightweight snug fit that hands it a perfect ergonomics and handiness. The back is built and bejeweled with gems for touch of glamour and a finely inscribed Spade Kate logo. You can be rest assured of protection from drop damage because this phone case has been has been drop tested from 10ft. It is also scratch resistant plus it has a characteristic shock-absorbing technology that ensures its durability and long-lasting protection. This is a definitely going to be a dash of style that shows off your phone. There wouldn’t be problems with color selection as it is available in black, gold and other favorites of yours.

The closest alternative to the Kate Spade Pin Dot Case is the Off-White. This brand also has a really cool list of iPhone cases available today. Top of, it is a minimalist and still a bold design on a red cover. It is included on our list of Trendy Apple Iphone X and Iphone 11 Phone Cases as one of the best designer iPhone cases in the market.

To round it all up, this iPhone case is available for iPhone 11 and others. It is wireless charging and stability ring compatible. This translucent case has glamorous gens that showcases the beauty in your iPhone/s color. It also has precision cutouts and responsive button covers which make it just perfect for everyone.

Double Rainbow Silicone Case

This looks so much like a refreshing beverage but it is a refreshing iPhone case instead. It is a fitted case type which could have plain and matte designs. It is thin and flexible, waterproof, anti-knock, dirt resistance and heavy duty protection. It is available and compatible with a host of iPhone that include iPhone 11, XS Max, XR, 7, 8 and others.

It is selected as part of Talk about fun and bold, this is it. It is a perfect iPhone case for anyone who knows he’s a kid at heart. Although this is not a perfect protection for your phone’s screen, its extra bulk makes handling. It is built in a bright color which makes it easy to find in the messiest environment. Remember also that the phone case is made from silicone material which leaves it clean even in the face of spill. Another letdown in this case however is that the phone case is not compatible with wireless charging.

Juice Pack

The Juice Pack is selected among the Trendy Apple Iphone X and Iphone 11 Phone Cases as the best wireless charging phone case. It is a surprisingly thin phone case that come with a built-in backup battery which has more than 30 hours of battery life. The phone case is rechargeable. This means that you can store power with you and use at need. The pack’s battery is triple tested at three stages of production for quality, capacity and efficiency for reliability and long-lasting performance.

The Juice Pack wirelessly charges your device, thus leaving no port open for wired accessories like earphones. However, there is an on and off button on the case to help charge your device as needed. This case is available for iPhone 7 and 8, X, Xs and Xs Max among others. Morphie juice pack is certainly one of the best wireless iPhone case you will see around. Reference Apple Silicone Case with Magsafe: The best official iPhone case.

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