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The Upcoming New Movies Comedy (2012)

Last updated: February 17, 2012

We would all like to see a little bit into the future and know what will be coming our way. That is possible to some extent, as we know what sort of comedy movies will be released in 2012. Best get ready with cinema tickets in hands, because 2012 is sure to see some major releases to have you laughing until tears run down your face. One movie that you will not want to miss is Men In Black III. Yes, it is a sequel, but Men In Black II was a great sequel too, so there is no reason to think this one won't be the same. Our favorite Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will be back in another funny yet suave alien adventure that will also see such stars as Sasha Baron Cohen. Considering the previous two Men In Black movies, we can assume that this one is going to be another great blockbuster!

Another return to the classics that is expected is Ghostbusters III. Everybody has to remember the fantastic Ghostbusters movie (Part I and II) from the eighties and nineties and it has to be agreed that these were some of the best comedy films ever made. 2012 will see the release of the much anticipated sequel, starring Sigourney Weaver, Dan Akroyd and Anna Faris. Sasha Baren Cohen has been a busy man in 2012, acting not only in Men In Black III but also in the very controversial The Dictator. Here, he portrays a dictator from a non-existent foreign country. Cohen is a true chameleon, acting in roles such as Ali G, Bruno and others. He always stays in character, even attending the Oscars as the dictator character. This caused some uproar as his invitation was initially refused due to fears of him engaging in some sort of prank. Naturally, these fears came true when he "accidentally" spilled Kim Jong Il's "ashes" all over a member of the press and he was forcibly removed by body guards.

But it seems this year is the year of sequels. For instance, we can also expect to see the American Reunion in 2012, which is a sequel to the many American Pie movies. This is another one of the releases that at least stays true to its original cast, Jason Biggs and Sean William Scott playing their usual roles. Perhaps not quite a sequel but still based on something from the eighties is the upcoming movie 21 Jump Street. Unfortunately, for many, this will not star the original cast of the series, which obviously made Johnny Depp famous. However, for all the diehard 21JS fans from twenty, or perhaps thirty, years ago, this one is sure to be a huge blockbuster hit.

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